Real Time Data Collection
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Visibility and Control using the power of Real Time data processing
Visibility and Control using the power of Real Time data processing

Fairbanks Environmental, who pioneered remote wetstock management services in the UK's service station sector in 1996, has launched their next generation 'ibank' service which utilises 'Real Time' data analysis.

The ibank observes and records every customer sales transaction and every change in tank stock level enabling Fairbanks to deliver world class leak detection, equipment diagnostics, pump flow rate and meter drift monitoring, in-tank alarm reporting and loss investigation escalation, automated fuel replenishment facilities and environmental compliance monitoring

The ibank data acquisition module interfaces with all established POS and ATG configurations and operates without the need for service station staff intervention, which is widely accepted as a primary obstacle to timely and accurate wetstock reconciliation data collection. Real Time 'visibility' enables Fairbanks' analysts to quickly pinpoint the source of problems and act to stem the cause of loss. Real time connection to the tank gauge also provides on-demand tank stock levels for fuel replenishment purposes.

Network wide visibility of all fuel related activities

From tanker deliveries (time, quantity, temperature) to tank events (stock level trends, tank capacity utilisation, overfill events, stock outs) to dispenser usage, (customer behaviour patterns, hourly sales trends, dispenser downtime) the ibank service enables major retail network to have total control of and intelligence about their operations. Fairbanks makes all relevant data available 24/7 via its multi-language web portal.

Flow Monitoring

Analysis of individual sales transactions provides details of the flow rate of each fuel dispenser. With the use of the correct statistical algorithms, changes in flow rate are highlighted before the effect is at a level to cause customer frustration and complaints. Flow rates can be adversely affected by clogging of the in-line fuel filters indicating a maintenance requirement, or, more significantly, the presence of a leak in the suction/pressure line feeding the dispenser.

Dispenser Meter Drift

Perhaps the biggest single contribution to stock losses is the effect of meter over-measure. The traditional method of overcoming this issue is to conduct a programme of meter calibration checks on a regular basis. Ibank allows for over dispensing meters to be individually highlighted and targeted for adjustment without having to wait for a scheduled programme to commence, and without unnecessary calibration checks on the other meters on site. The timely adjustment of over-dispensing meters and the more focussed approach to meter calibration checks provides significant cost benefits.

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