Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can I use my manual dip stick data or do I need a Tank Gauge?
A You can use either your dip stick or Tank Gauge

Q How can I submit my daily data?
A Fairbanks accepts data in the following formats:

  • Manual forms
  • Excel spreadsheet format
  • Web data entry, simple to use anywhere anytime with secure login

Q How often do I need to provide data?
A Daily, weekly, or monthly

Q How do you report back to me to be EPA compliant?
A Fairbanks can mail or email reports to you, in all cases your reports will be available on the Fairbanks Web portal any time to suit you

Q So what leak rate can Fairbanks detect?
A We detect at leak threshold rates of 5, 9 & 18 litres per day

Q So what equipment do I have to install to use the Fairbanks Service?
A None, use what you already have in place whatever it is

Q What Quality Systems do you have in place?
A Fairbanks is ISO9001-2000 accredited

Q Does Fairbanks have USEPA Independent Evaluation?
A Yes, contact us for more information