Wetstock loss investigation
Data validation & analysisLeak incident management

Our trained analysts will not only identify "unacceptable" wetstock variance levels but will then carry out comprehensive loss investigation procedures which will involve

  • Tracking all site activity - including data tracking, identification of the source of any wetstock anomalies, details of all contact with site and details of all investigative processes.
  • Using SIR and personal analysis to identify acceptable tank operating patterns - Each tank will operate differently and have a model depending on gauge type, seasonal trends, tank position, terminal profile etc.
  • Examining and monitoring the entire petroleum system - including tanks, lines and off-set fills.
  • The innovative technology used can identify unacceptable variances over rolling periods and detect changes which are tank specific.
  • Identifying whether a variance is real or apparent as there are many causes of wetstock variance i.e. missing sales, pump calibration, tank gauge calibration, temperature, administration errors and split pots.